Year Round Activities for the Elderly

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Everyone thinks they have time before their twilight years catch up to them, but eventually, they arrive. So what if you’ve reached the second half of your life? It changes nothing. You have just as much life and spirit as you did years ago. If you find yourself there or on its doorstep, don’t convince yourself you’ve reached the end of your life. You’re not dead yet, so don’t stop living! There’s plenty left for a senior to do with their life aside from the boorish weekly games of bingo and knitting and it takes no extra effort on your part.

It may be cold outside but, there are plenty of indoor activities that you can do. Elderly individuals with unfinished college degrees might want to take advantage of this time to go back to school. There is also a myriad of hobbies to provide mental stimulation while improving memory and positivity. Classes on painting, pottery, writing are available year round and also provide a social environment to engage with others. Activities such as family game night, with puzzles and board games, are a great way to spend with friends and family and is benefits elderly individuals with cases of early or late stage Dementia and Parkinson’s and can help improve memory.

In fact, many studies have revealed that staying active has just as many benefits in old age as it does for the younger generations. For individuals favoring warmer weather, spring time is just around the corner and with it brings hiking, walking, picnics, gardening, and sports like fishing and tennis. Local fitness organizations and gyms also offer a myriad of dance, yoga, and tai chi classes every week. There’s something for all ages. Physical activity is just as stimulating for the mind as it is for the body. If group activities aren’t your thing but you still long for companionship and mobility, animals have been proven to improve the lives of the elderly. Individuals in retirement can enjoy the fulfilment of caring for an animal; taking walks, feeding, groomings, etc. Or if you find you have trouble with the excitement and energy of a pet but still have an affinity for animals, photography is another good hobby to pick up. Check the local community college for a list of classes that are available.

Health and safety come first, for all ages. For older individuals, it’s important that you seek a doctor’s opinion before taking on any new activity, to avoid injury. Remember, you’re never too old to enjoy life while you still have it. Whether you’re laughing with family and friends over a good board game or funny movie, or taking a nice hike up a local trail, don’t think that old age has put you out of the game for good. Life never stops giving back what you put into it.

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