Seniors, Time To Sharpen Your Pencils–And Your Wits!

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Keeping your mind sharp and interested in new and complicated things is a key to living long into the future well. You may now have the time to read the books and take up the hobbies that languished while you attended to business or raised a family.

Sometimes it ‘s hard to reconnect with these things or find a structure or discipline to get and keep you motivated. Get your pencil and notepad ready. There are some exciting ways to get back in the intellectual groove. Here are a few.

Although you may think your school days are over consider enrolling in a convenient institution of higher learning now that your time is your own. Even if you are the proud recipient of one or more degrees from your less experienced years investigating a return to the college classroom can lead to an invigorating and enriching experience you cannot afford to pass b. It is time to return, or go for the first time, to school, enjoying the intellectual stimulation as well as a stroll on the leafy mall between the buildings on campus, a break in a vibrant student center or a debate in an online lecture.

Ah, but “afford” may be the kicker, you say? Think again. Many colleges and universities offer classes to older scholars for free or a reduced rate, even for credit. If you are simply interested in auditing a course, the payment may be nothing or a small administration fee. Credited classes may be little or no cost for those who are seniors.

Maybe you never completed that first degree because life’s challenges. Perhaps you had to steer clear of classes that interested you while getting your degree because money was tight and you needed to finish and move on to a money-making career.

It is also likely your interests have changed and evolved, and you would now love to take up a new discipline, working inside or outside of your current comfort zones. Whether you are keen to brush up on new technology, immerse yourself in art or literature or dig deeper into history, anthropology, the sciences or any other passion, taking classes can feed the need to know more.

Chances are good there is a school nearby that welcomes the mature learner. Don’t forget about online options which allow you to take classes anywhere and often at your pace.

No worries if you have no idea where to start. A great resource is A Senior Citizen Guide for College which has links to schools throughout the country and outlines general requirements for free and reduced tuition. Another option is to explore the growing lists of classes offered for free as compiled by OEDB, the Open Education Database.

Also, feel free to email, call or visit your community’s colleges and technical school to determine their rules and opportunities. A world of knowledge, new friends and ideas awaits.

Keep your mind sharp; the best is yet to come!


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