The Yandy Project is Celebrating Older Adults Month!

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The Yandy Project is celebrating Older Adults Month by blazing the trail. It is a chance for our community to recognise the contribution made by older adults and the elderly. Older people are often wise and entertaining; they are good at giving advice as they have lived through it all before. However, older people are often overlooked by the community which is something the Yandy Project wants to change. We aim to recognise the contribution older people have made during their lifetime as they have worked hard, raised a family and helped and supported others. They may also have been in the armed forces, protecting the country where necessary.

Our project also aims to inspire the older generation to take part in local activities and clubs. Older people still have something to give, to take part. There are many clubs and events for seniors, which allow them to get out of the house, make new friends, try something new and maybe even discover a new hobby or talent. It is never, never too late to learn a new skill.

Community Garden, opportunities for seniors

Many things are going on in local communities for older adults/seniors; these range from knitting circles, coffee mornings, art and gardening classes. Older adults can find out what’s going on in their communities by checking local community boards, newspapers or on the internet. Local libraries, community centers and other venues may also have details on groups they could join.

Community gardens are also a great avenue for seniors. They encourage the growing of food across multi generations. Older people have often proved to be a wealth of information in this area as they may have cultivated their own gardens in the past. They would, therefore, be able to share their knowledge with others allowing the garden to thrive; providing food for many people. These are a few examples of how an older person can feel valued and worthy.

The Yandy Project asks everyone to take a moment to honour our seniors with a hug, a phone call or a ride to one of the enjoyable activities for them to participate in. Blaze the Trail everybody!

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