Getting started on your list of things, the bucket list challenge

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When people think of bucket lists, they often envision a list of things they want to do before they pass away. Let’s envision a wish list that you can finally do in your golden years, free of work schedules and child commitments. Maybe there is something you have been itching to do for ages? Good, then you have a head start. If, however, you have no idea where to begin, here are some thoughts to get you started.

Getting started on that bucket list
The bucket list challenge

Learn a new skill.

Have you always wanted to play tennis or learn how to crochet? Or maybe something more out there, like fencing? Classes, workshops, and clinics abound are ready to have you painting or fox trotting in no time. Check your local colleges, parks department, stores as well as, the Internet to explore the endless possibilities.

Find a change of scenery.

You may have previously been limited to vacations that fit your work schedule or were child-friendly. Now, the only limitation is you. Feel like backpacking through Europe for a month? Hitting the road in an RV to tour Civil War battlefields? Maybe relaxing and sipping margaritas on a white sand beach? With some research, chances are you can find a spot that will fit your budget.

Get your heart racing.

Try skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing; if it’s within your physical capabilities, don’t let fear hold you back. These activities are not just for the young, although, they may make you feel young again.

And finally,

Get out there and meet someone new.

As we age, we start to lose track of our friends. Whether they have moved to be near family or passed away, your social circle may be shrinking. Grow it again by joining a book club, taking a senior citizen trip or any of the other increasingly popular activities geared towards older adults. Now that you have the time to enjoy life to the fullest don’t let hesitation hold you back!

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