Keep Yourself Busy and Your Brain Fit.

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Old age doesn’t have to be a scary time in your life. It comes down to how you think about it. Your mind is a powerful tool. It can turn your life into heaven or a living hell. It is good to keep your mind in tiptop shape, by engaging in fun activities that stimulate your brain. How? By keeping yourself busy and your brain fit.

Puzzles, Word or Number Games.
These can be attempted alone or enjoyed with a partner. A puzzle will keep your fingers agile, your mind attuned to details and give you a great sense of accomplishment when completed. A traditional word game to consider is Scrabble. You can play this game alone on your computer, but it’s much more fun with a friend. Crossword puzzles challenge the mind to think analytically, but if you don’t like words, you can consider Sudoku.

Board Games.
The choices are endless here. Something definitely will grab your attention between all the vast array of genres. Snakes&Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Ludo, Chess, Dominoes, Backgammon, and Battleship to name a few. The game styles range from two players to four or more.
If you want a bigger challenge, and you have a group of friends who want to join you, consider Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Monopoly or a modern addition, 30 Seconds.

Adult Coloring.
Yes, Adult Coloring books are a new craze that has hit the stores, and although it might feel a bit silly in the beginning, you will soon be hooked on it! Although it seems like a mindless activity, it stimulates your brain and gives great relaxation as well. It will also keep your hands in good shape. If you want to add an extra challenge for yourself, try coloring with your non-dominant hand.

Online or Mobile Games.
Challenging yourself to embrace technology will give you a big confidence boost and expose you to something brand new. There are so many games that will keep you busy for hours. Simplistic games such as Tetris, Angry Birds and Candy Crush are a good choice. Play these games on smaller devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or your home computer. For the adventurous type, exploring the online world, adventure or combat games.

Wii, Xbox or PlayStation.
For those who feel comfortable embracing technology, console games guarantee hours of silly fun. When you do, you will understand why your grandson or daughter is hooked on the games. You can even challenge them once you’ve gotten the hang of it. The game choices range from racing games, adventure games, to virtual Olympics. The Wii or Xbox options give you the added benefit of physical exercise, engaging your whole body and mind.

Life, as a retiree doesn’t have to be sitting around talking to yourself and wasting away. Discover and learn something new and have fun with it!

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